Monthly Archives: May 2010

Insulting Perry on camera? Time well spent

YNN’s Karina Kling interviewed me to talk about Rick Perry’s growing poll numbers.  I took the opportunity to, well, see for yourself.

“It’s time for Bill White to realize he’s running against one of the best politicians he’s ever going to see,” Democratic strategist Jason Stanford said. “White has to run with his hair on fire.”

He said White may know policy, but he’s got to be a politician, because that’s who wins.

“Right now, these are opinion polls. If you want to change people’s opinion, you first have to get their attention and I don’t see the Bill White campaign doing anything to get people’s attention,” Stanford said.

Stanford said the latest Rasmussen poll results also give Perry an approval rating of 55 percent.

“People, Democrats especially, have underestimated Rick Perry for more than 20 years. He’s not the most brilliant man in any room, even when he’s alone. But we keep reelecting him by really big margins and that’s because he’s the best politician we’ve seen in the state since LBJ,” Stanford said.