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First Reading Podcast With Jason Embry

Click here to listen to the Austin American-Statesman‘s Jason Embry interview me about the 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary.  Turns out, I was right about absolutely everything.  Everything. The Republican blog Kay vs. Rick went to the trouble in 2009 of transcribing some of what I said:

“He is the best politician I have ever seen at the state level. He’d have to be with his record to keep getting reelected.”

“Kay Bailey has had the field to herself for six months…. She didn’t control the message. She didn’t provide an effective voice for opposition to what Rick Perry was doing. She couldn’t even stand up and defend the constitution of the United States in an effective way.”

“Rick Perry has very effectively leveraged the whole teaparty movement into the terms of what everyone’s writing about for this campaign. It’s now an anti Washington… telling Obama to screw off basically… and casting Kay Bailey up there.”

“I think Rick Perry’s gonna win.”

At the time, he was 20 points down in the polls.  I realize exactly one person is every likely to care that I was right when everyone else was wrong, but it continues to amuse me.